About Peacelogs

by Damon Mathews

Authors represent their own opinion.

Peacelogs is a collection of weblogs about and related to peace,
democracy, and arms control.

A world where people have power to effect policy, issues, and
change is the key not only to peace, but the ability to unlock the
hidden potential of a more unified world.

What this might look like…

- Engages more people to actively participate in their own

- Solution driven verses ideological driven thinking

- Multiplication & diversification of ideas toward solutions

- Marginalizes money in favor of people and ideas

- Places those holding political office more in a position of
steward, especially with regard to war. No man or woman
should be able to wage war based on their own judgment or
that of a few others. The ability of the few to wage war puts
us at the mercy of an island of varying judgment.

This site is about bringing ideas together in the promotion of peace,
democracy, and in finding ways for democracy to be more inclusive
of those it represents.