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What should we make of the United States’ conclusion that Russia has violated the INF? What do we know about the violation? What is the substance of the State Department’s arms control compliance report finding? What do we know about the ground launched cruise missile alleged to have violated the Continue →



by krepon on July 30, 2014

Pakistan is ramping up fissile material production capabilities for military purposes while vetoing a fissile material cut-off treaty negotiation at the Conference on Disarmament. India is also increasing production capacity, but the FMCT’s problems extend well beyond these two states. Non-aligned members at the CD believe a cut-off treaty isn’t Continue →


Senators and South Africa

by mark on July 30, 2014

Yesterday the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) held a hearing on nuclear diplomacy with Iran. Speakers made several references to South Africa’s nuclear past and what it means for the six powers trying to negotiate a verification agreement with the Islamic Republic.

The IAEA and South Africa twenty years ago Continue →

A GLCM is launched from an Iskander-K launcher at Kapustin Yar in 2007.A Russian GLCM is launched from an Iskander-K launcher at Kapustin Yar in 2007.

By Hans M. Kristensen

The United States yesterday publicly accused Russia of violating the landmark 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

The accusation was made in the State Department’s 2014 Compliance Report, which states:

“The United States has determined that Continue →


Polish MFA Statement on Russian INF Noncompliance

by Thomas Moore on July 30, 2014

It rather appears that Russian, not NATO, nuclear forces make it harder for NATO to work with Russia, not together:


30 JULY 2014

MFA statement on information about Russia’s non-compliance with the INF Treaty

Poland is concerned about the US Department of State’s findings on Russia’s non-compliance with the INF Treaty.

Poland notes with Continue →


House of Representatives on Iraq: Caution Sign Ahead

by Council for a Livable World -- The Chain Reaction: on July 28, 2014

On Friday, July 25, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to put the brakes on the Obama White House’s potential decision to expand military involvement in Iraq.

In an unusual bipartisan vote of 370-40, with the cooperation of both the Republican and Democratic leadership, the House voted to bar Continue →


A Quick Analysis of the Iran Nuclear Negotiations Act of 2014

by Nukes of Hazard Blog: on July 28, 2014

Edward Levine, an Advisory Board Member to the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, has written an analysis of the Iran Nuclear Negotiations Act of 2014 put forward by Senators Corker (R-TN), Graham (R—SC), Rubio (R-FL), McCain (R-AZ) and Risch (R-ID)..

Read the full analysis below.

What Continue →


The P5+1 and Iran Nuclear Talks Alert, July 28

by Tim Farnsworth on July 28, 2014


By the research staff of the Arms Control Association. To get this P5+1 and Iran Nuclear Talks Alert delivered to your inbox, sign-up now.

Political-Level Talks Resume in Early September

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told an Iranian news agency on July 22 that nuclear negotiations between the Iranian and the P5+1 political directors Continue →


Some hawkish members of the House Armed Services Committee and conservative missile defense advocates are promoting a vastly expanded missile defense system that could entail huge new expenditures and be of dubious effectiveness.

That is the message of a recent House Armed Services Committee hearing on missile defense. Continue →


The following are some of the key arms control dates and developments to watch over the next week.

For more news and analysis on these and other weapons-related security issues, consider subscribing to ACA’s monthly journal Arms Control Today, which is available in print/digital and digital-only editions.

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Generation Prague: An Overview

by harry on July 25, 2014

The most practical lesson I learned at Generation Prague was to never show up 25 minutes early to a State Department event, as doors typically open 25 minutes after they are scheduled to do so.  My fellow compatriots and I endured 50 minutes of a coffee-less morning until finally, at Continue →


Last week brought official news of an extension of nuclear talks with Iran.

While ideally one would have hoped to bring things to a close by the original July 20 deadline, many analysts expected at the outset of the deal to see an extension of some kind, given that Continue →