popular initiative (summary)

by Damon Mathews on April 17, 2014

In looking at ways to return the initiative process to the people we have to scratch bellow the service of available tools, sites. What’s needed, in my view, is a social network which Continue →



by Damon Mathews on April 13, 2014



More on Citizens United: Recommended Reading, Policy Updates

by OpenSecrets Blog on January 24, 2014

We've learned a lot in the four years since the Citizens United ruling. Our data has tracked two major election cycles since then and, as we noted earlier this week, the ruling contributed to a surge in outside spending. As Continue →

…A Chance for World Peace

by Damon Mathews on January 4, 2014

From a Distance - Peace

World Peace has a chance as people work together to solve the problems facing them. By strengthening ties, progress can be made toward stability, prosperity, and peace for all.

People of all nations should endeavor to find common ground with each other directly, concerning Continue →


Dear PCDN Colleagues

I wanted to put together a list of 12 possible recommendations to help make the world more peaceful and encourage others to contribute their own lists as we move into 2014. Please also consider Paying What You Can Continue →

Huge news in WSJ: The Obama administration Tuesday proposed a crackdown on the widespread use of tax-exempt organizations for political campaigning, seeking to reduce the influential role that the secretive groups have played in recent elections. The new “guidance” issued Continue →

Democracy Reform – peacelogs

by Damon Mathews on November 25, 2013

If this Stands We fall!

If  ”Citizens United” & Super Pacs stand we fall!

More info on Citizens United:

-  Reverse Citizens United ruling

-  End Super Pacs

-  Additional limits & transparency on the activities of special interest groups

-  Campaign Finance Reform

- Term Limits for Congress, Senate, Continue →


A new poll from the National Journal finds that the majority of Americans don’t want to repeal Obamacare. In fact, they want to give the law time to work.

The Journal’s survey finds that, given the option to “wait Continue →


Largest Tibetan women’s group meets in south India

by Phayul Latest News on July 18, 2013

Hundreds of Tibetan women representatives from all over India and Nepal are currently gathered in Dhondenling settlement, Kollegal in south India to take part in the 11th Working Committee Meeting of the Tibetan Women’s Association, which began Thursday.

Earlier this week I posted about the classified DOD study showing a high rate of civilian harm from drone attacks. Not much else can be said about this finding by analysts until the study is de-classified, so instead let Continue →


Montana Enacts Law Prohibiting NSA Spying

by realman2020 on July 13, 2013

It is nice to see the State Legislator in Montana responding to the will of the people in the State. These kind of actions will in time will bring down the stasi state if more state follow Montana. This Continue →


This post is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page.

Is Egypt quieting down or is a permanent opposition to the governing authorities consolidating? Yesterday’s demonstrations lacked Continue →


“In her first speech since the Taliban in Pakistan tried to kill her for advocating education for girls, Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 16th birthday on Friday at the United Nations, appealing for compulsory free schooling for all children” [including for Continue →


Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Apartheid / Restrictions on movement Israel to build 1,100 new settler homes in East Jerusalem JERUSALEM (AFP) 30 May -- Israel is preparing to build 1,100 new settler homes in occupied East Continue →

In reports coming just in, a Tibetan man set himself on fire in Adril region of eastern Tibet protesting China’s occupation and hard-line policies in Tibet. Tenzin Sherab, 31, carried out his self-immolation protest on May 27. He succumbed to Continue →
Tibet campaigners armed with placards carrying graphic images of human rights abuses in Tibet disrupted InterContinental Hotels Group’s annual general meeting in London with a “die in” Friday. The demonstrators were demanding IGH to withdraw its plans to open a Continue →

Here’s What a ‘Bee Drone’ Will Look Like

by on May 4, 2013

You’ve heard reports of drones the size of insects. A new video shows a flying robot the size of a quarter developed by engineers at Harvard.

Related Entries May 5, 2013 How the Rich Benefited From the Recovery (While Continue →

Why We Must Put Nature Back to Work, Part 2

by Climate Guest Blogger on March 26, 2013


By Bill Becker, via Huffington Post

In its new assessment of America’s infrastructure, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) found that much of it is aging and substandard. Among the systems needing repairs are dams, levees Continue →

Tsering Woeser, the Tibetan writer and activist, was awarded in absentia the 2013 International Women of Courage Award by the First Lady Michelle Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry in a formal function held at the State Department Continue →
A Chinese court in eastern Tibet has passed down heavy prison terms of up to 15 years to three Tibetans for their “crimes” relating to the ongoing wave of self-immolations in Tibet. The court sentenced Lhamo Dorjee to 15 years Continue →

State of the Union fails to stress peace process

by OneVoice on February 13, 2013

Obama State dept public domain

Last night, President Obama told the nation his vision for the coming year.

We are disappointed that the president did not mention a plan to pursue a return to negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian leadership. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict MUST be a priority for this Continue →


Oxfam says world’s rich could end poverty

by AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE) on January 20, 2013

UK-based charity says the world's 100 richest people earned enough in 2012 to end global poverty four times over.

The river is nearly 1,000 miles long and almost 1,000 feet deep at points

By JASON KOEBLER | US News | January 18, 2013

The European Space Agency announced Thursday that it has taken high-definition pictures of an ancient river nearly 1,000 Continue →

Armed Shopper

(Photo Credit: AP/Cindy Yorgason)

A man in Utah was photographed at a JC Penney carrying around an unloaded version of the gun used in the Newtown tragedy to prove that guns aren’t as dangerous as they’re portrayed.

In addition to Continue →

RoadConstructionThe United States has a massive infrastructure deficit, with independent analysts finding that the country could need as much as $2 trillion in immediate investments just to bring its infrastructure up to date. With the economy recovering slowly and our Continue →
A majority of Americans — 56 percent — think tax rates on the wealthy should be high so that the country can help pay for programs that help the poor, according to a new poll from CNN. Only 36 percent Continue →

The West’s illusion: Netanyahu wants peace

by sarahbenton on November 26, 2012

uri avnery Uri Avnery One of Israel’s great leftist warriors wants peace with Hamas and Gaza – but does the Knesset? Our correspondent meets the legendary Uri Avnery, who roars out against Netanyahu and his government and foresees growing ethnic strife in Israel By Robert Continue →
Alternet: Medical marijuana is now legal in 18 states, but it's clear we've discovered a fraction of its potential for health. There are now legal medical cannabis programs in 18 states plus Washington, DC, with pot fully legal for adults in Continue →

Modern Strategy Needs Fewer Nuclear Weapons

by Marianne Fisher on November 16, 2012

On the radar: Cut numbers, costs; Economic of war and sanctions; Security stalled in Senate; Democracy and the bomb; Missile defense meeting budget reality; the Burma model; and Atomic thunderstorms.

November 16th, 2012 | Edited by Benjamin Loehrke and Marianne Nari Continue →


Passage of one of the three state ballot measures to legalize marijuana in Washington, Colorado or Oregon could significantly weaken Mexican drug cartels, according to a new study by a Mexican think tank. “It is estimated that around one-third of Mexican drug gangs’ Continue →


When Medical Marijuana Is About Survival

by Nicole Flatow on October 29, 2012

Ted Chapman was an engineer living in Hong Kong when doctors first diagnosed him with an aggressive form of brain cancer that could not be surgically removed. He was put on a regimen of radiation and chemotherapy, but it soon Continue →


Starting tomorrow, the world’s largest oil companies — ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, BP, and ConocoPhillips — will begin to announce their third-quarter profits for 2012. In the first half of 2012, these companies — all ranked in the top 10 of Continue →


This posting has 4 items: 1) Mondoweiss: Jewish establishment threatens Congressional investigation of ‘delegitimizers’ over Christian letter; 2) 15 signatories: Christian leaders’ letter to Congress; 3) JCPA: Jewish Groups Pull Plug on Longstanding Dialogue with Churches; 4) M.J. Rosenberg: J Street sells its soul, Continue →


Debates move quickly. The candidates toss out facts at breakneck speeds, trying to get across their entire plans in just 90 minutes. Tonight, Obama and Romney will square off in a debate that’s been billed as high-stakes — Obama Continue →


Barney Frank authored H.R.2306 introduced by Frank, Ron Paul, Conyers, Lee, Polis and Cohen. The legislation aimed to decriminalization marijuana by removing it from schedule of controlled substances — Schedule I(c) of section 202(c) of the Controlled Substances Act (21 Continue →


Beyond Treaties: Immediate Steps to Reduce Nuclear Dangers

by Nukes of Hazard Blog: on October 11, 2012

A new report by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace includes a contribution from Kingston Reif, the Center's Director for Nuclear Non-Proliferation. The report is entitled "Beyond Treaties: Immediate Steps to Reduce Nuclear Dangers," and proposes a number of confidence-building Continue →

The Obama campaign responded to Mitt Romney’s Virginia Military Institute speech, citing it as lacking “meaningful specifics or outline” and “full of platitudes.” The website quoted James Lindsay of the Council on Foreign Relations, who argued that the speech failed to answer Continue →

Brazil: Speaking Out About Hydroelectric Plants and the Amazon

by Yohana de Andrade on October 9, 2012

Jose Carlos Arara, the chief of the Arara tribe, discusses the negative impact of Belo Monte on the people who depend on the Xingu River for their livelihoods. Photo by K. L. Hoffmann copyright Demotix (August 13, 2011)

This post is part of our special coverage Dossiê Belo Monte (Belo Monte Dossier) [pt] and Indigenous Rights.

[All links lead to sites in Portuguese, unless otherwise stated]

Aiming at generating electrical energy for residential and industrial consumption, the Brazilian government is constructing a series Continue →