Palestinians surplus to Israel’s globalised economy

by sarahbenton on October 1, 2014

An individual in the new world of transient labour: a Thai worker living in a shipping container in Israel. The availability of this labour makes Palestinians dispensible to Israel. Photo from Active Stills.

The Political Economy of Israeli Apartheid and the Specter of Genocide

By William I. Robinson, Truthout September 19, 2014

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Recognise Palestine, the diplomatic solution

by sarahbenton on October 1, 2014

The article by Oliver Miles is followed by a published letter from Benedict Birnberg questioning Miles’ assertion that Obama’s hands are tied by Congress.

The Muqata’a, HQ of the PA in Ramallah

We must beware – Isis wants the west to conduct a crusade

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Democracy Now! 2014-10-01 Wednesday

by Amy Goodman on October 1, 2014

Democracy Now! 2014-10-01 Wednesday["Headlines for October 01, 2014", "After Censorship of History Course, Colorodo Students & Teachers Give a Lesson in Civil Disobedience", "Accused of Stealing a Backpack, High School Student Jailed for Nearly Three Years Without Trial", "Mississippi County Sued for Continue →
Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah, does Arab unity no favors. (Photo: Olivier Pacteau / Flickr)

Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah, does Arab unity no favors. (Photo: Olivier Pacteau / Flickr)

At Asia Times Online, Ramzy Barzoud writes about the lack of what he calls Arab gallantry.

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Thinking Woman

“Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.” ~Unknown

For most of my life, I’ve seen the world in black and white, and I’ve felt constricted and pained as a result.

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5 Helpful Things to Do When You Think Life Sucks

by Sumitha Bhandarkar on September 30, 2014

“It isn’t what happens to us that causes us to suffer; it’s what we say to ourselves about what happens.” ~Pema Chondron

You know that foreboding fear we all have—that something will go terribly wrong and life will never be the same again?

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US Navy conducts strikes against ISIL targets, September 23, 2014. Photo from Robert Burck, US Navy

When Will American Foreign Policymakers Learn From Their Mistakes in the Middle East?

Former top UN diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi lays out how decades of naïveté about Arab societies, poor planning and post-conflict miscalculations have fostered a Continue →

simon schama Simon Schama & His Jews

‘I had an immediate Jonah moment’, Simon Schama explains, ‘Don’t do it, go anywhere else instead. And then I thought “if not now, when, and if not me, then who etc.”Poppy Sebag-Montefore interviews historian Simon Schama about his new book and accompanying BBC TV series. 

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Governing Gaza

by sarahbenton on September 30, 2014

Fatah’s Azzam al-Ahmad, in red tie, and Hamas’s Mussa Abu Marzuk, gesturing, sit with their delegations in Cairo after talks last Thursday, September 25th. Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

Rival Factions Set Accord on Gaza’s Future

Hamas, Fatah Agree to Administrative Role for Palestinian Authority, Clearing Way for Aid Funds; a Boost for Abbas

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Arrest of Hamas leaders won’t destroy Hamas

by sarahbenton on September 30, 2014

Israeli soldiers detain a Palestinian during clashes at a protest against the Jewish settlement of Ofra, in the West Bank village of Silwad, near Ramallah, Sept. 12, 2014. Photo by Mohamad Torokman / Reuters

West Bank arrests won’t eliminate Hamas

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Israel’s ‘security’ needs prevent freedom of worship

by sarahbenton on September 30, 2014

Israeli Border Police officers stand at the entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City, as they prevent Muslim Palestinian worshippers from attending Friday prayers in Al Aqsa mosque, September 26, 2014. Photo by Faiz Abu Rmeleh/ The illusion of religious freedom in Jerusalem

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Tomgram: Engelhardt, Entering the Intelligence Labyrinth

by Tom Engelhardt on September 30, 2014

What are the odds? You put about $68 billion annually into a maze of 17 major intelligence outfits...