On Monday, February 23, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry appointed Randy Berry as the first ever Special Envoy for the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Continue →


With all the violence continuously erupting around the globe -- including the recent rape and murder of Ozgecan Aslan -- it's very easy to become apathetic. That's why we need Continue →


Peace & Security Report 2/27/2015

by Cameron M. Chisholm on February 27, 2015

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You are President & CEO of your global life - Be briefed like one:


International Peace & Security Continue →


Last week, the New York Times revealed that one of the few actively publishing researchers who don’t think humans cause global warming, Wei-Hock “Willie” Soon, secretly Continue →

Argument preview: A Ninth Circuit capital habeas case with a complicated doctrinal twist

Whether deservedly or not, an opinion by Ninth Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt granting habeas relief to a state prisoner notwithstanding the deferential approach mandated by the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Continue →


Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Ed

by Craig Zelizer on February 27, 2015

This week I am delighted to be attending this year's Ashoka U Exchange focused on the intersection of Higher Education in Social Entrepreneurship. This is the sixth year of the Continue →


Democracy Now! 2015-02-27 Friday

by Democracy Now! on February 27, 2015

Democracy Now! 2015-02-27 FridayHeadlines for February 27, 2015 "A Historic Decision": Tim Wu, Father of Continue →

Tajikistan’s Lacklustre Election Campaign

by Farzona Abdulqaisova, Mehrangez Tursunzoda, Orzu Karim, Kamar Ahror on February 27, 2015

Despite multiparty process, there's little doubt who will win parliamentary polls.

Although eight parties have candidates running for parliament in Tajikistan’s March 1 election, few have made their presence felt, Continue →


2016 hopefuls strike hawkish tone at CPAC

by Cameron Joseph on February 27, 2015

Foreign policy is quickly dominating the Conservative Political Action Conference. A slew of potential presidential candidates demanded a more hawkish global approach on the gathering's first day on Thursday. Friday's schedule looks Continue →
Feared while in power, Rahat Aliev failed to rebrand himself as an upstanding dissident.

The apparent suicide of Rahat Aliev, one-time son-in-law to Kazakstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbaev, follows years in exile Continue →


Oil and Water Don’t Mix – Except in Trinidad

by Janine Mendes-Franco on February 27, 2015

"Loading The Water Trucks in Montrose". Photo by Taran Rampersad, used under a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

“Loading The Water Trucks in Montrose”. Photo by Taran Rampersad, used under a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

Trinidad and Tobago's Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), the public entity charged with Continue →

A government building in the Islamic State’s de facto capital Raqqa, Syria. (Photo: Beshr / Flickr Commons)

A government building in the Islamic State’s de facto capital Raqqa, Syria. (Photo: Beshr / Flickr Commons)

At Foreign Policy, James Traub says he found post-9/11 talk of world war Continue →

Indigenous peoples protest in the National Congress in Brasília to prevent the voting of PEC215 bill. Photo by: Mídia Ninja, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Indigenous people protest in Brasilia against the passage of PEC 215 in December 2014. Their pressure made the vote to be canceled. Photo by: Mídia Ninja, CC BY-NC-SA)

This article Continue →


by John Stevens

India has unveiled a massive military spending plan that will see it splash out more than £10billion on a fleet of new warships and submarines.

The country, which has Continue →


Tibetan released in Derge

by Phayul Latest News on February 26, 2015

A Tibetan from Derge in Kardze has been released before the completion of prison sentence on Feb. 23, apparently for his good behavior while in prison. While the police were Continue →

Kazakhstan: Journal Loses Shutdown Appeal

by Human Rights Watch on February 26, 2015

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By James M. Dorsey

An Egyptian Cabinet decision to end the suspension of professional soccer in late March but reinstitute the ban on spectators attending matches could spark renewed clashes between Continue →

The International Campaign for Tibet has urged China to release all Tibetan prisoners who have been detained for religious beliefs or practices, or peaceful expression of views in a report Continue →

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The book 'Global Warming, Militarism and Nonviolence: The Art of Active Resistance' is now available as a hard book or e-book. Although it is not cheap, most libraries are Continue →


10 Things Everyone Should Learn as a Kid

by Olivia Angelescu on February 26, 2015

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“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other wings.” ~Johann Wolfang von Goethe

In 2010 two major life events Continue →


Why Experiences Trump Things and Bring Us Closer

by Mridu Parikh on February 26, 2015

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“Every experience, good or bad, is a priceless collector’s item.” ~Isaac Marion

Last year was a thrilling one for my sweet boys, ages eight and eleven. Thanks to birthdays, Diwali, and Continue →